Easy to use School Coding Curriculum

An awesome digital technologies curriculum for school students aged 9 to 18.


Fun project based learning

Students learn to create a website about gaming

The curriculum guides students through the creation of a website about gaming while they learn real coding languages.

Gamified education

A gamified system makes it fun for students to learn as they gain points for engaging with the content.

Iterative learning

Students learn HTML, then CSS, then JavaScript in our iterative project based learning system.

Easy to use

5 minutes is all you need

A once off easy 5 minute training video is all any teacher needs to watch before facilitating code learning classes with our system.

Expert support

Tested by thousands of students, our system shouldn't cause any issues, but if it does, our support team is just a phone call away.

Teaching and marking done for you

Our system takes care of the teaching and marking, so you can spend more time connecting with your students and less time dealing with paperwork.

And it's free!

Coding NZ Curriculum

Free for use in schools.

What's included

  • 1 Mission/Project (~8 hours)

  • 5 minute teacher training video

  • Digital certificates and reports for all students

  • Intra school leaderboard


$99 / student

Now FREE for Schools

What is learnt?

Problem solving

How to break challenges into small tasks and step through them logically.

Coding languages

How to write in HTML, CSS and (very basic canvas drawing related) JavaScript.


How to work with percentages as well as x and y grid coordinates.

And lots more

Animations, American vs British English, indentation etc.

For teachers who want to easily deliver a world class educational experience

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About us

We're on a mission to increase the next generation's coding skills. Dedicated to making it fun and easy to learn to code, we're working hard to create world leading coding education content.

  • Nikki Trebilco

    Founder / CEO

  • Josh Trebilco

    Director / CEO

  • Jason Lennie

    Graphic designer

  • Nathan McDonald

    Office manager

  • Matan Yosef


  • James Missen


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