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10 Weeks

$15 / lesson

Or $20/lesson for weekly billing. Prices in .

  • 1 hour lesson length

  • Live expert tutor help

  • Fun project based learnig (create websites, games and apps)

  • Beginner to advanced code learning

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Revision area to use between lessons

  • Creations can be shared with friends and family

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Our lessons quickly extend students far beyond what is available to them in school.
Information Technology has been the highest paying industry on TradeMe Jobs for 4 years running, and it has the highest number of job listings on Seek. With a current and projected shortage in skilled coders, and almost every job role using technology, coding is a valuable skill to improve in our increasingly digital world.

I know as a parent you're probably super busy! That's why our lessons include a free reminder text before hand, and that reminder text has a link for rescheduling in case you need to reschedule for any reason. So there really is no risk in signing up for a free trial. Your child or teenager can learn a lot in just one coding lesson 🙂


Students can attend a 1 hour lesson every week, at your choise of 4pm, 5pm or 6pm Monday to Friday.

Our lessons use project based learning. Students learn to create websites, games and applications while learning the HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages (and a JS framework). They'll learn lots of important logic like loops, conditionals, and object orientated programming.

Students will need an internet connection, and a device with a physical keyboard (e.g. laptop, chromebook, Mac etc.) A tablet/iPad or phone with a keyboard will not be suitable.

We send parents a reminder text before the lesson starts. This text contains an easy to use rescheduling link if your child needs to reschedule for any reason.

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