How it Works

Similar to private guitar lessons, but for coding. We are upskilling the next generation of technology superstars!

Lesson times

Lesson Times

To encourage learning progress, each lesson continues on from where a student's previous lesson ended. Students take a 1 hour online lesson per week at their choice of 4pm, 5pm or 6pm weekdays. We'll send you a reminder text before lessons (this text includes a free rescheduling link).


To ensure each student can reach their full potential, we pace the content individually for each student. Live tutors are online to help. Our tutors are fluent English speakers, well vetted, and experts in helping students through our beginner to second year University level coding curriculum.

Between Lessons

To help students retain their new knowledge, we give them access to a revision environment between lessons (optional to use, not required). Students can also view and share their profile creations with friends and family between lessons.

Lesson access requirements


Internet connection

Students will need internet access during lessons. Preferably at a speed that can support viewing videos so that tutors can message students.


Device with physical keyboard

Students need a device like a laptop, computer, chromebook, mac etc. A phone or tablet with a keyboard attachment isn't suitable.


No software downloads

You won't need to download anything to access lessons. After signing up, you'll get instructions to login at

Suitable for ages 9 to 18 Beginner to advanced learning

Students learn to make website, applications and games.

Why your child should learn to code

Starting Lessons The Process

1. Sign up for a free trial.

2. See the welcome email we sent you.

3. When you receive the reminder text before the lesson, login at to access the lesson.

Official Certificate

We provide each student with an official digital certificate and report for the code learning progress they make in coding lessons. This is an excellent way to encourage students to feel confident about their learning achievements.

Free trial

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