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Online code learning activities for ages 9 to 18 running at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm weekdays for 2022.

Students can enjoy a one hour activity each week.

Coding activities include:

Learning to make websites, games and applications

Empower your child to create technology, instead of just consuming it.

Expert tutor help

Allow your child to upskill in technology, without having to be an expert yourself.

Profiles to share creations with friends and family

Encourage your child to share the tangible outcome of their new skills.

You can grab a cup of coffee and relax while your child spends a fun hour upskilling in the valuable area of coding.

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Our Vision for NZ's Future

Our vision is to see NZ become a top global exporter of digital products. Our country is so far away from the rest of the world physically, and digital products don't need to be shipped! Information technology is a lucrative industry that would yield great results for our students and our country. Kiwis have always been good at DIY, so lets upskill to create digitally too.

What is learnt?

Our coding curriculum includes...

Understanding what coding is
How to use a code editor
HTML coding language
CSS coding language
Linear and object orientated programming (includes functions, classes, objects, methods etc.)
Mathematics (graphs, percentages, assignment and comparison operators)
JavaScript coding language
p5.js JavaScript framework
Coding fundamentals (arrays, conditional statements, loops)
Physics (vectors, gravity, forces)
Problem solving and breaking large challenges into small bits
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So far I've learnt how to code a website and a game. It's fun. It's always just a little bit hard, which is good because it means I'm learning. Having a tutor online to help when I need it is so great.

Student, Auckland

My son's tutor offers excellent support and guidance, encouraging him to learn and grow...He has gained considerable coding knowledge, understanding and skills, that I believe are essential in preparing him well for the future.

Coding Activity How it Works

1. Sign up for a free coding activity

2. See the welcome email we sent you

3. When you receive the reminder text, login at to access the activity.

Meet the Coding NZ Team

  • Matan Yosef


  • James Missen


  • Jason Lennie

    Graphic designer

  • Nathan McDonald

    Office Manager

  • Josh Trebilco

    CTO / Director & Tutor

  • Nikki Trebilco

    CEO / Founder & Tutor


What days/times are activities?

Activities are running for one hour at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm on weekdays in 2022. Students can attend for one hour per week.

What do students learn?

Our coding curriculum uses project based learning. In the first mission students learn to make a website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In future missions students learn to make games and applications.

What happens if we miss our activity time?

We send parents a reminder text before the activity starts. This text contains a free rescheduling link if you need to reschedule for any reason.

What device/software does my child need to access the activity?

Students will need a device with a physical keyboard (e.g. laptop, chromebook, Mac etc.) A tablet/iPad or phone with a keyboard will not be suitable. Students also need to be using the Chrome internet browser (most devices already have it, but a free download is available here if needed).

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