Frequently asked questions

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Will there be a real person online to help during lessons?
Yes! There will be a real tutor online and available to help you with the coding content during lessons.
Can my young person attend a trial lesson?
Yes, sign up here
What device is required to attend a lesson?
A device with a physical keyboard (not touch screen) can be used for lessons. Examples include Chromebooks, Macbooks, Computers and laptops. Note that large phones or tablets with keyboard attachments are not suitable.
How do I access lessons?
First you'll need to sign up. You do not need to download any software to access lessons. Lesson access instructions are here. (Note after signing up you will have received an email from us with a link to these lesson access instructions.)
What time and how long do lessons run for?
Students attend a 1 hour lesson per week. Timeslots are available at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm weekdays.
Will I be reminded about lessons?
Yes, we'll send you a reminder text before the lesson.
What happens if I miss a lesson (sickness, vacation etc.)?
Don't worry, if for any reason you miss a lesson, we make it easy to reschedule a makeup lesson.
How much do lessons cost?
The first lesson is totally free (and requires no credit card or obligation to continue with lessons). Ongoing lessons are either $150 for a bundle on 10 lessons, or $20 individually.
What do the fees cover?
The fees are all inclusive and comparably more affordable than other private education options on the market. We try to keep our pricing as affordable as possible in order to allow as many young people as possible to learn the valuable life skill of coding. Lesson fees cover access to a curriculum that covers up to University level content and the help time of a trained tutor.
Do I need to attend the lesson with my child?
If your child is under 12, we ask that you sit with them for the first 10 minutes of their first lesson, just until they get the hang of it. Moving forward, it's totally up to you if you'd like to sit with them during lessons or not.
What content is taught in lessons?
We teach beginner to advanced coding (including the next step up from Scratch: real coding languages). Students create web based websites, games and applications while learning the HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages. A JavaScript framework and programming logic is also learnt (e.g. arrays, loops, if and switch statements).
My young person is taking a long time to pass their current stage, should I be concerned
It is normal for students to take more time to pass some stages than others. Each stage deals with different content which is applied in a different way. Some stages can be passed very quickly and others take a while to complete. Please look at the mid term progress report emails we send out for an indication of how your young person is doing.
Do lessons run on public holidays?