Frequently asked questions

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Will there be a real person online to help during lessons?
Yes! There will be a real tutor online and available to help with the coding content during lessons.
Do you have free trial lessons?
Yes, you can sign up for a free trial lesson here.
What device is required to attend a lesson?
A device with a physical keyboard (not touch screen) can be used for lessons. Examples include Chromebooks, Macbooks, Computers, Macs and laptops. Note that large phones or tablets with keyboard attachments are not suitable.
How do I access lessons?
All lessons are online. First you'll need to sign up. After signing up, you'll receive an email with lesson access instructions. We will also send you a free reminder text before the lesson starts.
What time and how long do lessons run for?
We have lessons available at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm weekdays. Students typically attend a 1 hour lesson per week, but you can vary this to suit your schedule. E.g. some students book back to back lessons to get a 2 hour lesson each week, whereas other students only attend lessons fortnightly. To ensure continual learning progress, the content in each lesson a student takes starts from where that student left off in their previous lesson.
What happens if I miss a lesson or need to reschedule?
Don't worry, if for any reason you miss a lesson or need to reschedule, it's super easy to handle: Click on the free lesson rescheduling link included in the reminder text we sent you before the lesson.
How much do lessons cost?
The first lesson is totally free (and requires no credit card or obligation to continue with lessons, so there's no risk in trying it). Ongoing lessons are either $150 for a bundle of 10 lessons, or $20 individually.
What's included in the cost?
Everything. There are no hidden fees. During lesson times students have access to our world leading coding education curriculum system plus expert live tutor help. Outside of lessons students get access to a revision area to practice their new skills in. Also included are free rescheduling links if you miss a lesson, the ability to share creations with friends and family, certificates and reports, and gamification elements like points, leaderboards and avatars. Check it out.
What ages do you teach?
We teach ages 9 to adult.
What content is taught in lessons?
We teach beginner to advanced coding (we're the next step up from drag and drop coding programs like Scratch). Students learn to create web based websites, games and applications while learning the professional HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages + the p5.js JavaScript framework. By including linear and object orientated programming, we ensure our students learn a lot of fundamental programming concepts and logic (e.g. arrays, loops, classes and methods, operators, conditional statements etc.) which are transferrable to most programming roles.
Stage progression has slowed, should I be concerned?
It is normal for students to take more time to pass some stages than others. Each stage deals with different content which is applied in a different way. Some stages can be passed very quickly and others take a while to complete. Please look at the progress report emails we send out for an indication of how things are going for an individual student.
Do lessons run during the holidays?
We do not run lessons on national public holidays, or for a 3 week period over Christmas (17th Dec to Jan 9th). Lessons run on every other day of the year, including the schools holidays. It's super easy to reschedule your lessons to another week if you are away at any point (e.g. if you're going on vacation during the school holidays).