95% of the questions we get asked are one of these 14 questions, please check to find your answer!

When is the first or last lesson of the term?

Lessons run for one hour each week from the first week of the term through to the last week of the term. The first lesson will be in the first week that your school is open on that day for the term. The last lesson will be in the last week of term that your school is open on that day for. After signing your young person up you will receive an email with the specific first and last lesson dates of the term for your reference.

When do sign ups for next term open? How will I know when they open?

We email current students first to notify them of sign ups for next term opening (usually in the second to last week of term). We then email wait list students (also in the second to last week of term). Finally, we notify the general public via flyers at most schools to let them know sign ups for next term are open (in the final week of term).

Can I sign my young person up early for next term or reserve a space for them?

To keep things fair for everyone, we do not allow reservations for future terms. Your best chance to get your young person into their preferred group for next term is to sign up and pay for them as soon as sign ups open. We fill lessons on a first signed up and paid basis. Current students and wait list students will find out about sign ups opening prior to the general public finding out in order to give you the best chance possible at continuing to let your young person improve their coding skills.

The class my young person wants to attend is full, what should I do?

If a class is full there is unfortunately no circumstance under which we can squeeze another person in. This is because we take our maximum class size of 15 very seriously in order to give the student's in our classes the best learning experience possible. Your young person's best chance is to be put on our waitlist for the following term (wait list student's parents or gaurdians find out about sign ups opening prior to the general public).

Where or what time are lessons?

You can find out the times and locations of all our lessons here.

My young person won't be attending next week (sick, on holiday etc.). Do I need to let you know?

You do not need to let us know for once off absences. We will send you a text if your young person is absent from a lesson, you can disregard this text if you know where they are. If your young person will be absent for the first two weeks of the term, or for more than three weeks in a row, please do let us know.

Are lessons running this week (teacher only day, camp, athletics days, public holidays etc.)?

When you signed your young person up you would only have been billed for the number of lessons remaining in the term that are actually running. Lessons do not run on statutory public holidays (e.g. queen's birthday, Easter days). Lessons run on all other days including (but not limited to) teacher only days, athletics days, camp days, school trip days etc.

What do the fees cover?

The signup fee covers all the remaining lessons in a term. Our $15 per lesson fee is all inclusive and comparably more affordable than other private education options on the market. We try to keep our pricing as affordable as possible in order to allow as many young people as possible to learn the valuable life skill of coding. Lesson fees cover the use of laptops, robots and other materials in class as well as access to a curriculum that covers University level content and the help time of a trained facilitator.

May I attend one of the lessons with my young person?

For safety policy reasons we are unable to have single adults in our class. We do have a special parents and guardians day each term in which the parents and guardians of attending students may join in with the class. When you sign up for a class you will be notified via email of the parents and guardians day designated for the term.

What content is taught in lessons?

We teach beginner coding right through to advanced coding (at a career ready level). We teach coding languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and coding logic (Scratch, Kodu) and Robotics & Computer Hardware (both programming and building). Find out more about our curriculum here.

Will I be refunded if we miss a class?

No, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for missed lessons as we are fulfilling the commitment on our end to provide a facilitator's time and laptops. Your spot has been reserved for your young person for the whole term. We will issue a refund if we are ever the reason for a missed class (e.g. a facilitator illness).

My young person loves coding and wants to do more of it! What are my options?

There are a number of things you can do to help your young person increase their coding skills. You could sign them up to multiple sessions at their school if more than one class a week runs there. You could also explore a variety of online options to support their learning from home.

My young person is finding it difficult or not progressing up levels, what should I do?

It is totally normal for students to find coding challenging for the first three lessons. If they continue to find it more challenging than neccessarry after these initial lessons then it is important to bring this to our attention (you can contact us here). The facilitator will always have a help desk open during class, it is up to the student to take the initiative to come to the help desk with their laptop where the facilitator will gladly help them with whatever stage in the curriculum they are finding difficult. We encourage problem solving in our lessons and it is not uncommon for student's to spend more time on levels the further up our curriculum they go.

Can my young person attend a trial lesson?

Yes, provided that class is not marked as full here. Every new student is welcome to attend one free trial lesson to discover what coding is about. They can simply turn up on the day of the class.