Technology Coding Curriculum

Teaching Computer, Tablet & Mobile Programming

Laptops are provided. Students just need to bring themselves.

A Welcome To CODING

Our course sessions serve as a brilliant place for kids and teenagers to learn computer/tablet/mobile coding. Your son or daughter will spend time learning how to create their own websites, applications, games and more. The lessons are provided in such a way that each student can work at their own pace.

We are all about stretching young people's brain's learning ability and helping them to develop creative and logical thinking pathways. It's about future proofing your child and giving them a skill set which opens up a lot of opportunities in their future. We pride ourselves on offering advanced coding material to young people. We have surprised many educators with how smart young people are and what they are capable of learning. Our students are able to continuously grow and improve on their coding skills by attending weekly sessions for as long as they like.

We have a special robotics and computer hardware session each term where students can build a robot, program a robot or take apart a computer. All our other sessions focus on teaching coding & logic to students.

How it works

We have organised to run this program in these locations. If your child goes to one of the schools listed then they can sign up!


Our aim is to give your child or teenager an extremely fun after school experience that also educates them with a valuable life skill. The participants in our courses are able to develop advanced programming skills because of our specialized and intensive program. Each student is able to work at their own pace and difficulty level, with the program being broken up into "levels".

If your child passes a level, they will immediately be able to advance on to the next level in order to further their coding skills. The depth of the skills children develop will vary depending on how many lessons they attend and what "level" in our curriculum they get up to.

The curriculum levels we offer cover these points in roughly the following order:

  • How to use a code editor
  • How to use the Windows Operating System (make folders etc.)
  • The HTML computer language
  • How to deploy code in a browser
  • Programming logic and algorithms
  • The CSS computer language
  • Why code is useful and what it can do
  • How to build a computer
  • The JavaScript computer language
  • Mixing code
  • CSS Bootstrap Framework
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • Refactoring & debugging
  • Details of computer hardware

*Indicative only. Curriculum is constantly updated.


Price per week is $15. So all ten sessions of a whole ten week term would be $150.
This includes use of the course laptops and resources. There are no additional charges.

All fees and enrolments must be made online via either debit or credit card or bank transfer. Spots are limited, so please see the enrolment form for times that are still available at your school.

Regular Session Schedule

Sessions run for approximately 1 hour every week in the term. Below is a general example of our session schedules:

5 mins Setting up laptops
25 mins Coding
12 mins Technology related educational physical group activity
17 mins Coding
1 mins Saving and pack up
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