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Prepare your child for a bright future

Every parent wants their child to have a happy future. Our coding lessons can help prepare your child for that future.

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Did you know?

IT is an amazing career

IT has been the highest paying industry on TradeMe jobs salary guide for 4 years running, and it consistently ranks in the top 3 industries for open job listings on Seek. There is a huge national and international demand for skilled coders.

Coding grows brains

Research shows learning to code is similar to language learning, which is great for brains. Coding develops memory and attention skills. Plus, while having fun learning to code, our students also learn Math, English, Physics and Design.

Code is used in more places than you think

Code is used in coffee machines, phones, apps, websites, games, washing machines, car dashboards, smart fridges, vaccuum cleaners, microwaves, laptops, email systems, fire alarm systems etc. Most electronics run on code.

All of my friends who have younger number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.

Our Coding Lessons

What makes us the best option for your child's education?

We have 12 year olds learning 2nd year University level coding.

With us, your child will be encouraged to learn at their own pace, with no school year level barriers to progress. Our personalized learning experience helps students absolutely excel.

We make learning fun

People learn better when they are playing! So our curriculum is gamified (think points, avatars and project based learning). Your child will be encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning.

We have expert live tutors

Our expert live tutors are available to help when students get stuck, ensuring that your child can be supported to grow their skills, without you having to be a technology expert yourself.
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So far I've learnt how to code a website and a game. It's fun. It's always just a little bit hard, which is good because it means I'm learning. Having a tutor online to help when I need it is so great.

Student, Auckland

My son's tutor offers excellent support and guidance, encouraging him to learn and grow...He has gained considerable coding knowledge, understanding and skills, that I believe are essential in preparing him well for the future.

Enjoy the knowledge that your child is being upskilled in a valuable area every week.

Lesson Details

Lesson Times

Most students take a 1 hour lesson online from hom every week.

Lessons are available at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm weekdays.

What is Learnt

Students learn to make website, games and apps using coding languages.

We teach beginner to second year University level coding.

Price & Access

Lessons are $15/hour when bought in a pack of 10.

Students need a laptop / macbook / chromebook / Mac / PC to access lessons.

Certificates and reports included for all students 


What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 9 to 18, with coding content taught from beginner right through to second year University level.

What happens if my child or teen misses a lesson?

We send parents a reminder text before a lesson starts. Included in this text is a free and easy to use rescheduling link :)

My child has done Scratch/free code clubs/in school code learning, how are you different?

Coding has skill levels, just like anything else. Think of learning an instrument. You can learn to play 1 chord, then to play a song, and eventually to write songs. Our coding lessons extend students far beyond where they would be in traditional education settings (we have 12 year olds learning second year University level coding.)

Want to see your child having fun while learning a valuable skillset?

Limited spaces available.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to see students develop
1) a life long love of learning (we do this by making learning fun with a gamified curriculum), and
2) a passion to use their knowledge (we do this by ensuring all learning is project based), and
3) a habit of consistent iterative improvement (never understimate the power of this in life).
Imagine your child posessing these three stellar traits for success. Our aim is to help them get there.

Meet the Coding NZ Team

  • Matan Yosef


  • James Missen


  • Jason Lennie

    Graphic designer

  • Nathan McDonald

    Office Manager

  • Josh Trebilco

    CTO / Director & Tutor

  • Nikki Trebilco

    CEO / Founder & Tutor

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What is learnt?

Our coding curriculum includes...

Understanding what coding is
How to use a code editor
HTML coding language
CSS coding language
Linear and object orientated programming (includes functions, classes, objects, methods etc.)
Mathematics (graphs, percentages, assignment and comparison operators)
JavaScript coding language
p5.js JavaScript framework
Coding fundamentals (arrays, conditional statements, loops)
Physics (vectors, gravity, forces)
Problem solving and breaking large challenges into small bits
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What Parents Are Saying

Med, Parent

5 out of 5 stars

Great communication, my son is 9 and learning well above his age which is well-catered for. The teachers are very helpful when he doesn't understand something and he quickly fixes his own problems without any help from me.

Sally, Parent

5 out of 5 stars

An awesome programme that my son loves doing. The staff are easy to connect with; the sessions are self paced and my son is challenged each session. Highly recommend this to all whānau!

Glen & Barbara, Parents

5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful for my daughter because it lets her learn completely at her own pace and she has all the individualized tutor support she needs at her fingertips when she can't figure something out herself.

Mirror, Parent

5 out of 5 stars

My son wasn’t confident doing even the easiest of coding and would often just give up out of frustration...he has [now] absolutely excelled.

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