Our vision
for NZ's future

Our vision is to see NZ become a top global exporter of digital products. Our country is so far away from the rest of the world physically, and digital products don't need to be shipped! Information technology is a lucrative industry that would yield great results for our students and our country. Kiwis have always been good at DIY, so lets upskill to create digitally too.

Our team

  • Matan Yosef


  • James Missen


  • Jason Lennie

    Graphic designer

  • Nathan McDonald

    Office Manager

  • Josh Trebilco

    CTO / Director & Tutor

  • Nikki Trebilco

    CEO / Founder & Tutor

The journey so far


First Lessons (2017)

Running her first coding lesson, Nikki noticed some students were struggling and wanted the content to go slower, whereas other students were bored and wanted it to go faster. She realized traditional teaching made it impossible to extend students who were learning to type while also extending students who already knew several coding languages. Thus, our self paced curriculum was born. Our coding curriculum allows each student to grow at their own pace, from beginner to advanced.


Going National (2018)

Josh left his day job as a senior software developer to join Nikki full time in making Coding NZ lessons available to students across the country. Over 30 schools in Tauranga, Christchurch and Auckland took up the opportunity to have tutors come in and facilitate coding lessons during lunchtime and after school sessions, similar to group guitar lessons, but for coding!


Online Migration (2020)

Covid hit, and Coding NZ pivotted to online lessons. This turned out to have several advantages, with tutors being able to spend more time helping students and less time on behavior control. Students did so well with online learning (learning both faster and more in depth), that it's here to stay.


Current Mission (2022)

Our current mission is to make learning to code with the Coding NZ curriculum available to every child in NZ, so that each student can go as far and as fast as they like with code learning. We may take this thing global eventually too! We're open to discussions with any industry partners etc. Just give us a call :)

Real people

We’re here to help

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the button below. The best way to learn about how our lessons work is to sign up for a free trial lesson.