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Benefits of Learning To Code

Code makes technology work. Laptops, phones, car displays, coffee makers and electric vaccuums all use code! Learning to code means your young person will be able to not only passively consume technology, but understand how to control it so they can be an active part of the digital age. This is a valuable skillset to have.

In the News

  • Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand

    Posted in: Career Addict on: May 8, 2019

    Few jobs are as popular and in-demand as software engineering right now, with talented programmers able to take their pick when it comes to their career prospects. According to the New Zealand government the IT sector is one of the fastest growing...

  • Coding is Good for your Brain

    Posted in: Medium on: Sept 21, 2018

    Few cognitive activities are more brain demanding than programming. Coding improves your brain health and prevents neural deterioration. And it is surprisingly fun. In 2014, scientists got the hair-brained idea to use fMRI scans on programmers...

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We provide online coding lessons for 9 to 18 year olds. Want to know more? Click to see times.

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"Great courses."
~ Joe (Parent)

"Good way for a child to learn about coding, and computers... Very friendly staff and informative."
~ Terra (Parent)

"My son loves coding lessons! Big thanks to the Coding NZ team."
~ Angela (Parent)

"My son loves technology, like most kids, so he truly enjoys coding!"
~ Lynn (Parent)

"Very good, because my children are learning a lot."
~ Cindy (Parent)

Computer Coding Paves The Way To Success

Knowing how to program technology and computers opens up a world of opportunities.

Information Technology is the highest salaried industry on Trade Me, with the world experiencing a current and projected shortage in coders.

Being comfortable coding can provide students with many extra options/paths for success in life, as well as providing immediate brain development and strategic thinking benefits.

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All of my friends who have younger siblings...my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.

Mark Zuckerberg Creator of Facebook

Why Have Your Child or Teenager Learn To Code?

  • Language learning is good for their brain
  • It's a fun way to expand their intellectual awareness/horizons
  • They'll get skills in a job rich area
  • It encourages creativity and outside of the box thinking
  • It supports the development of logic