Our After School Courses Include

Our facilitator will give your child/teenager great experiences as she has worked in both tutoring and coding environments.

Experienced facilitator

People love things when they're fun, so we've taken special care to structure an enjoyable educational course for your child/teenager.

Fun education

Your child/teenager will be provided their own laptop to use during coding sessions.

Free laptop use

Each student works at their own pace, keeping them challenged at any age and experience level.

Year 4 - 13 Learning

Welcome To Coding New Zealand

Computer coding can teach your child/teenager to use both their logical and creative abilities at the same time. The technology coding process ties together aspects of Maths, Science and English in an immediately practical way. Students light up as they see their creations appear, and here at Coding NZ we find it rewarding to watch young people get enjoyment out of learning such an incredibly useful life skill.

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Your child or teenager can join our classes at any stage during the term. Our classes are suitable for school years 4 - 13 and run for 1 hour every week. Is your child or teenagers school listed below?

Computer Coding Paves The Way To Success

Knowing how to program technology/computers (coding) opens up a world of opportunities.

Your young person's brain is still developing and if they are taught to code at this age they will be able to easily grasp the foundations of how coding works. Being comfortable coding can lead the way to great success for them in future, as well as providing immediate brain development and strategic thinking benefits. Sign your child up today!

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All of my friends who have younger siblings...my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.

Mark Zuckerberg Creator of Facebook

Why Have Your Child or Teenager Learn To Code?

  • Language learning is good for their brain
  • It's a fun way to expand their intellectual awareness/horizons
  • They'll get skills in a job rich area
  • It encourages creativity and outside of the box thinking
  • It supports the development of logic