Our Courses Include

Our robotics hour involves both building and programming robots!


People love things when they're fun, so we've taken special care to structure an enjoyable educational course for your child or teenager.

Fun education

Your young person will be provided their own laptop to use during coding sessions.

Free laptop use

Each student works at their own pace, keeping them challenged at any age and experience level.

Year 4 - 13 Learning

Welcome To Coding New Zealand

Computer coding can teach your child or teenager to use both their logical and creative abilities at the same time. The technology coding ties together aspects of Maths, Science and English in an immediately practical way. Students light up as they see their creations appear, and here at Coding NZ we find it rewarding to watch young people get enjoyment out of learning such an incredibly useful life skill.

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Our classes are suitable for school years 4 to 13 and run for 1 hour every week. Want to know more? Use the dropdown to see course details for specific locations.

Did You Know?

We teach coding languages at a high level that is career relevant and might otherwise only become available to students in Senior High School or University years.

"Logic" taught by programs like Scratch is not the same as "coding languages".

Our facilitators are highly educated on an ongoing basis along with our curriculum being updated every term so that we stay current.

In our robotics & computer hardware lesson each term students can choose to build robots, take apart a computer or program robots!

The 3 highest median salaries for jobs advertised on TradeMe in 2017 were all coding related (according to careers.govt.nz). There is both currently and projected to continue being a massive shortage in skilled coders.

Computer Coding Paves The Way To Success

Knowing how to program technology/computers (coding) opens up a world of opportunities.

Coding is like any other school subject and in order to master it students must start from the basics (e.g. building a website) before they move onto more intense things. Sometimes students will enjoy coding and sometimes they won't, it is an incredibly valuable skill. Being comfortable coding can open the way to many successful paths for students' in life, as well as providing immediate brain development and strategic thinking benefits.

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All of my friends who have younger siblings...my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.

Mark Zuckerberg Creator of Facebook

Why Have Your Child or Teenager Learn To Code?

  • Language learning is good for their brain
  • It's a fun way to expand their intellectual awareness/horizons
  • They'll get skills in a job rich area
  • It encourages creativity and outside of the box thinking
  • It supports the development of logic